The site, you are visiting was created as a place, where I can freely share with others my experience in the field of using open source software, in particular the Linux operating system.

I want to say, that all opinions posted on this site come from my experience and what must I admit, they are subjective.

The purpose of this website is to present the possibilities offered by the use of software based on open standards.

In all the placed materials I will try to avoid using strong words (even if sometimes it's hard to avoid them), but I will also defend my right to present also very critical opinions.

I want to clearly point out that this page does not present view or ideas of any institution I was, I am or I will be working for.

Few words about me:

My name is Andrzej Kardaś, I was born on December 31, 1976 (it's not a joke) in Warsaw, Poland where I have been living until now.

By education and passion I'm an IT specialist. A large part of my professional career was associated with Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Centre in Warsaw, where I had the pleasure and honor to conduct classes with many great teachers, which, I cordially greet.

Apart from the experience in teaching others information technology I also have skills in administrating Windows and Linux servers, and programming in object-oriented languages such as Java (J2EE) and Ruby. Recently I must admit I'm addicted to Ruby On Rails framework.

For few years I was an employee of Central Examination Commission where I tried to use my knowledge and experience in IT components of Projects 6 and 7 implemented by CEC. The projects are completed and among other results there are two new quite big IT systems that can be used by CEC.

Currently I'm trying to build my own small IT business.

More professional information about me you can find in My CV.

In my private life I'm an open source geek, happy Gentoo Linux user, a lover of basketball (recently mostly as a fan), and severe case fantasy literature fan (I read Tolkien's trilogy at least once a year).

What you will find on my site:

Linux - here I will try to share my thoughts about Linux, show how useful, helpful and fun this system can be in the hands of a skilled computer user. I will also share some configuration coming from my desktop machines.

Overlay - here you will find information about my private Gentoo Linux package repository.

My CV - this speaks for itself at least I hope so.

Gallery - my photo galleries.

Blog - my technical blog containing various content, from basic and some advanced How to's about system administration up to some programing stuff.

Technical Information:

To view my site properly you should be using a fairly new browser and desktop environment with resolution set up to at least 800x600, however I would strongly recommend using 1024x768 resolution.

Some parts of my website are using Ajax technology so you will also need javascripts enabled to properly access all the published content.

I successfully tested my site in following browsers:

If you see major corruption in graphical layout of my site in older browsers please don't bother me with information about it, instead update your browser the world is not standing still. I'm aware of the fact that browsers not implementing the latest standards will have a major problem displaying my site. This information is addressed mostly to Internet Explorer 6 users ;-).

However if you are experiencing the problems in newer versions of browsers than the ones mentioned above, I will be grateful for the information. Take into account the fact that the beta versions of browsers may not have the full implementation of all standards (especially in the use of JavaScript).

If you found any substantive or language errors on my site, feel free to let me know about it. Nobody is perfect as they say :D.

If somehow you disagree with my opinions or my subjective judgment, remember if we all would felt and acted the same way the world would be a very boring place to live. I don't mind arguing with intelligent and nice people, so you can send me an email expressing your point of view, as long as it wont be abusive I will try to answer. No matter what I am sure your email won't change my judgment. What I suggest you should do instead of sending this email is to create your own site and share your thoughts the same way I'm doing it.

If you share any of my interests and you think my site would be better if I added something, share your ideas with me, I'm always open to your suggestions.

I hope some of the information published on my site will be useful to you and you will enjoy it.

Last modification date: 24 April 2016